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Candy Sour Keys packs are loaded with the most unique treats you could ever enjoy especially if you are not into sweet chocolates. Order weed online Canada from a trusted cannabis website, starting with the colorful and mouth watering treats for medicinal applications. The cannabis infused candies give you a burst of fruity citrus flavors in every piece while making sure that you have the right cannabis dosage for medicinal benefits.

Canadian online dispensary delivers the latest enjoyment for cannabis medication with the unique Candy Sour Keys. It literally displays a key-shaped candy that you can enjoy with the bitter sour flavor for a treat. Every pack contains six pieces of candies that have 25 mg each.

Thus, you enjoy a total of 150 mg of cannabis medication per pack, making it a reasonable treat for its price. Experience the mouth-watering effects of sour candy flavors when you open a pack of these cannabis edibles.

Get to know more about Candy Sour Keys and on how to access and purchase mail order weed Ontario products from a cannabis website. Every dosage is ideal for the right and moderate medicinal purpose for cannabis medication patients. Enjoy every pack and piece of these sour treats today!

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    Sharry Malhotra

    These guys know how to grow! The nugs are rock solid and trimmed to perfection, and the high was an ideal buzz of Sativa alertness and indica relaxation. To get this same high is always to mix several strains into one joint!

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