Things to Know About Pot and Your Health

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People are continuously talking about the usage and its medical benefits. We have collected various data and try to gather the important aspect regarding what might actually work and what you should know about the use of marijuana.

It may help with anxiety and PTSD

Relaxing effects of marijuana are widely know and even acclaimed beneficial by the clinical psychology review paper presented in 2016. It was conclude stating that it benefited people with depressions and also helped people over the fear of public speaking if taken in lower dosages.

People have also stated that they recovered from post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety. But they should keep in mind that the dosage should be minimal otherwise it can go out of the hands. After all over addiction of anything can prove to be a bad influence on ourselves.

The research certainly indicates that cannabinoids could be helpful for people with anxiety. This claim was supported by lead author Emma Childs, PhD, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago, tells Health. But as per now we can come to one conclusion that more research work is needed to come to a final conclusion. You can easily get them from online dispensary in Canada and experience the change.

It can relieve chronic pain and nausea

Medical marijuana is mainly preferable as it helps in generating pain relief chemicals that are actually worth the try. It is even concluded that there is indeed good evidence to support the current theory.  This brings us to the next point that marijuana products also appear to be effective at calming muscle spasms. Indeed it certainly controls nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy when taken in right amount and certain instructions.

People with epilepsy may benefit—even kids

Another astonishing factor was noticed in the paper presented by the New England Journal of Medicine which states that it reduced seizures by 39% in children. It was great news for many parents and they opted out the means under supervision of professional and certainly worked their way out to help their children.

The cannabidiol oil used for the research work—which will be marketed as Epidiolex if it’s approved by the FD claims that it won’t make people high, because it doesn’t contain THC. Experts are also stressing on the fact that results may be riskier and more unpredictable with other marijuana products.

It may have anti-cancer effects, but research is limited

Some of the great artists have used to fight the serve disease like breast cancer as marijuana was able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. This certainly proved as a blessing for her and this was entirely the use of oil outside the body.

And it is claimed that traditional form of cancer therapy would be more effective with the use of current marijuana products. This has been proven through the increased number of clinical case studies.

Marijuana is still to be discovered to its true potentials and till than we can only use it in some sections. Certainly it has shown some miraculous results for certain medical conditions but it’s hard to draw eyes away from some of its after effects. But still if marijuana is taken under proper dosage and guidance it can prove to be life changing drug.



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We can trace back the use of marijuana with the written records of Chinese and main agent driving its usage is its soothing and hallucinating properties. This is the reason why many countries are moving to adapt marijuana as a legal drug. Seeing all the medical benefits and ongoing researches many countries have already legalized marijuana. Marijuana is considered to have many health benefits but is these true and specially for AIDS?

Firstly we will cover what is AIDS

The main target of AIDS which is an autoimmune disease is destroying blood cells. It is mainly infected by a virus called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). It is called a syndrome because it is a collection of symptoms or diseases. The main trouble is that it embeds itself in white blood cells and destroys its genetic data and regenerates itself to destroy other white blood cells. And if all the healthy white blood cells are destroyed the body will get susceptible to the various infections and this might even result causing in fatal diseases.

Is There a Cure?

Presently there is no sure shot cure for AIDS. The only resources we have are supportive to control its growth and delay its processing. We have adapted various medications that eventually decrease the probability of aggravation of diseases thus preventing infection. The antiviral drugs and immunodepressant are only able to decrease the replication of the HIV and protecting from other factors.

Can Marijuana Cure AIDS?

As per the research marijuana has some limited benefits in controlling AIDS. It helps in improving the state f person who is infected with AIDS. It works by controlling other health related issues that might risk patient’s life. These in terms help improving certain health conditions like appetite loss which causes weight loss. The main target of AIDS treatment is to protect person from any sort of disease attack that basically means to help them stay healthy. And one of the steps of being healthy is to increase the appetite and prevent weight loss.

How Can Marijuana Prevent Weight Loss

Cannabis or marijuana is mainly composed of the compound called tetrahydrocannabinnol. This compound or cannabiniod similar structure to the receptors found in the nervous system and immune tissue. These receptors are ideally located in the brain, spinal cord, liver, kidneys and immune tissues. So cannabinoids works as a trigger for these receptors that induces the release of chemicals and neurotransmitters to elicit some reaction to the body.

One of the main factors that impact the appetite is the cessation of nausea. That simply means in controlling one’s appetite is also improves weight loss. It is important because in AIDS patients health diorites mainly because of decrease in appetite. The cannabis is able to bring change in neurotransmitter that negates these symptoms which means it is beneficial for the patient.  

Some of the major studies show, but are not yet finalized and proven, that marijuana could definitely help people going through AIDS treatment. General studies and scientific research and animal studies show that these cannabinoids and its effect on the receptors, specifically CB2, help in improving our immune system. Results also show that these are capable of regenerating healthy new blood cells in patients suffering from AIDS. Researchers are still carried out to get substantial proof for this claim.



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You just need to taste a gram of cannabis to form an opinion regarding whether you like it or not. Moreover, you do not need to save up for a huge investment. The gram would range approximately between 8 and 20 dollars. There are even some ready-made joints available in legal pot store.

The best option is eight ounce or 3.5 grams they are enough to give you an idea hit. At the beginning go for once a day for a week that is the ideal start.




Marijuana Products

The usage of various products:

With the arrival of legalized marijuana for medical and recreational functions in some states has returned the event of alternative styles of product that contain marijuana. Some individuals vaporize it with a vape pen, whereas still others smoke marijuana cigars, referred to as blunts. There is an edible marijuana product with marijuana or marijuana oils poached into or infused into them. Marijuana oil is employed to supply every kind of edible product from cookies and cakes to mucilaginous bears and chocolate bars.

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Cannabis As A Performance Enhancer

weed performance enhancer

Did you know, Cannabis is considered as a best anxiety remover? Yes, you read that absolutely right. Now a days anxiety and stress are the most considerable issues in the lives of youngsters. This fact holds true not only when we talk about office employees and hardworking people but anxiety issues are very common, so, can also be witnessed in TV stars, famous personalities, celebrities and sports

Cannabis as a performance enhancer



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